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Some Interesting History of Golf

What country invented golf? Many countries did. If there were sticks and objects that could be hurtled along, then there was golf. No one knows for certain who started golf. But everybody knows who plays it now, everyone does. The origin of the name golf is believed to be the Dutch word of ‘colf,’ which […]

5 Golf Facts That Will Change Your Game

Are you seeing the same decrease in your handicap that reflects your hard work and efforts? Do you consistently fall short on your drives or feel exhausted at the end of 18 holes? Do you carry the disappointment of a missed putt over into the next hole? If you are plagued with problems like these […]

19th Tee – 5 Ways to Enjoy Golf More

We all love the game of golf, but some times it is just as they say, a good walk spoiled. Here are a few ways to enjoy golf more. 1 Don’t play the blue tees. Unless you are at least a 10 handicap or lower, why bother making the golf course even harder than it […]

19th Tee – Gear Up Your Golf Equipment Before Hitting the Links

Some of us are fortunate enough to live where we can golf year-round. Others of us enjoy winter vacations to locales, either in the U.S. or abroad, that boast the sunny, dry weather that makes an afternoon on the links one of life’s greatest pleasures. As for the rest of us, well, we longingly await […]

19th Tee – About Golf

There ís no doubt about it that the game of golf is one that is massively popular all over the world. Golf is a low-impact sport that can provide participants of all ages not only a fun recreational activity but also some type of exercise. Golf is good for the body, it is good for […]